Elvatech Ltd. has been developing and producing analytical spectrometric instrumentation since its foundation in 1991. Our goal is to provide analytical control at industrial enterprises, laboratories, research institutions in order to improve technological processes and the quality of products, develop new modern materials and increase production efficiency.
At the beginning of our activity, we were engaged in the production of ultra-high vacuum electronic spectrometers, where the name of the company came from. Since 1995, Elvatech has been manufactured the stationary X-ray fluorescence spectrometers based on silicon-lithium detectors with liquid nitrogen cooling. Our first single-board analog pulse processors and X-Ray generators of our own design were used in those spectrometers. In 1999, we opened an era of benchtop XRF analyzers equipped with thermoelectrically cooled semiconductor detectors introducing ElvaX – the world’s first compact X-Ray fluorescence spectrometer. At present, such kind of EDXRF spectrometers is the most popular on the market and successfully replacing the more expensive WDXRF models in solving an ever wider range of analytical applications. In 2001 we’ve modified the traditional Fundamental Parameters Algorithm by integration the spectrum deconvolution for the matrix corrected models into the common iteration procedure, thus drastically improving an accuracy of the standardless analysis. In 2006 Elvatech has designed it’s proprietary Dynamically Adaptive Shaping (DAS) Digital Pulse Processor allowing to increase the spectrometer’s throughput up to 3 times compared to traditional DPP, thus made our XRF spectrometers the fastest on the market. Since 2010, the company has become one of the world’s few manufacturers of hand-held XRF analyzers, the technological culmination in the XRF field, and in 2018, Elvatech has released the revolutionary ProSpector 3, the smallest, lightest and fastest portable XRF analyzer in the history of the industry.

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